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Our mission is to provide premium writing, editing, and training services supported by our customer service excellence to companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.  To accomplish this goal, we write and edit a variety of business documents as well as develop and conduct customized, on-site workshops.  We offer unmatched flexibility in the delivery of all of our services at an affordable cost.

Expected Results

Business depends on communication, and the need for well written business documents is critical to any business that wants to succeed and any individual who wants their writing to be crisper or more concise.  When we write, edit or train for you, we do our best work.  When we do our best work, you can expect Accuracy, clarity, and consistency in every document we write or edit.

A well trained staff also adds value to all facets of every organization.  We will work with you on designing a training program that excites your employees and meets your organization’s employee development goals.  We prepare extensively to deliver the seminar or workshop, so that you will be satisfied after the event.  Our resources are relevant and up-to-date and we will bring the training to you regardless of the number of employees.  When we train your staff, you will experience improvement in:

  • Employee communication skills
  • Employee morale
  • Employee retention rate
  • Employee efficiency and productivity

Our Uniqueness

Our company’s keys to success will center on its commitment to quality service and the professional attitude of every person who is a part of the team.  We know that you have many options when selecting a provider that will meet or exceed your writing, editing, and training needs.  That explains why we go above and beyond what is asked of us when we collaborate with you.

Fees for Services

Our company provides professional services at affordable prices.  We realize that you want to spend so much and no more, so we will work with you to get the results you desire.  We will gladly provide a quote for any services you may need.  Once you decide to work with us, we will provide you with an agreement outlining costs, project deadlines, and expectations.  The first hour of your initial consultation is always complimentary.  You may pay using PayPal or mail us a check. Make checks payable to Thompson-Ellis Consulting. Here are our fees:

Copywriting Services Starting at $70.00 per hour
Proofreading/Editing Services Starting at $5.00 per page based on a 250-word page
Content Editing Services Starting at $7.00 per page based on a 250-word page
Workshops Starting at $30.00 per person

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