Writing and Editing

Our team works deliberately to provide services that meet the satisfaction of our customers.  We realize that the presentation of all written documents is crucial to the success of any company and reflects the professionalism of any individual.  We are eager to help you write or edit copies including:

  • Proposals
  • Handbooks
  • Training Materials
  • Manuscripts
  • Website Content
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Business Letters
  • Theses and Dissertations (proofread/edit only)
  • PowerPoint Text

With our help, whether you are writing or editing any of these documents, you can expect the final copy to be accurate and to deliver the right message.

Content Writing/Copywriting

If writing is not your passion, turn to the Thompson-Ellis team.  We'll simplify the writing process for you.  We will accurately and creatively communicate your ideas and themes to achieve the results you desire.  Not only that, whether you need help conveying the right message; or writing a grant proposal, a press release, or updating your website content, we'll help you set the right tone for your message and leave a distinctive impression on the minds of your customers and prospects. You want them to take action, don't you?

Proofreading and Editing

When we proofread or edit your work, we place each word under a microscope to find any spelling mistakes, typographical errors, inappropriate grammar, misused words, lack of punctuation, and other inconsistencies.  We will fix anything that is out of place. Our goal is to ensure that the meaning of your message is logical and clear.

Content Editing

In content or substantive editing, we are serious about working with you to make changes to your document that will improve the general flow and clarity of the text.  When we immerse ourselves into editing your work, we examine how vocabulary words are used in sentences, change sentence structure, reconstruct paragraphs, suggest additions and deletions, and create smoother transitions.  We'll involve you in every phase so you'll be satisfied with the finished product. In the end, you'll be better able to target your customers and prospects.

If you are unsure about whether your document needs simple editing or content editing, send it to us and we will determine and communicate to you the level of improvement we deem most appropriate.

All documents submitted to Thompson-Ellis Consulting for editing/proofreading will remain confidential. The author retains his or her rights to the document according to applicable copyright laws.

Customized On-Site Training

A well trained staff adds value to all facets of any business.  Organizations will experience improvement in employee morale, retention, efficiency, and productivity when they contribute to the personal and professional development of their employees. Regardless of the size of your staff, you will not have to leave the office. We will bring the training program to your location and you will train in an interactive and fun workshop.  We will help design a program tailored to suit your company’s training goals, schedule, and staff, and you will be pleased with the results.   We focus on topics including: 

Business Writing

Effective business writing and grammar skills will increase the effectiveness of your business communications.  We will guide you through each aspect of the writing process using simple techniques that will completely change your writing from good to impressive.  You will write faster and better, and add clarity and impact to your business documents as you build credibility and gain results.

Communication Skills

Communication is essential in today’s competitive business environment; it’s how people get their points across and get things done.  Whether it’s face-to-face or phone conversation, presentations or e-mail messages, people must communicate to create products or deliver services, persuade customers to make purchases, as well as hire and train employees.  With fewer jobs available, individuals who can communicate effectively are the ones who will build positive business relationships and successful careers.  Our workshop format will help deliver effective results for you and your organization. 

Customer Service

A strong customer focus is essential to the health and well-being of any organization.  You are in the business of getting customers; we are in the business of making sure you keep them and increase your bottom line.  Our training program will help you and your employees deliver excellent service to all customers.  The program will not only help build customer loyalty, it will improve the work environment for your employees as well. 


Real world workplaces that make teams a part of their structure are getting more done.  Teamwork brings together individuals with varying skills and talents to problem solve and make decisions.  It’s easy to get so caught up in doing routine tasks that you overlook the value of teamwork.  Be prepared when conflicts arise—and they will. Experience our simple, interactive and practical techniques that will increase creativity, innovation, and quality.  Challenge your view of the workplace and your work relationships, and create opportunities to excel personally and professionally.