About the Book

The value of sharing, expressing kindness, and bestowing honor on the elderly comes to life in this intriguing account by the author who shares her experience about older adults who attended a senior center where she worked for twelve years.  The author describes senior centers as playgrounds for older adults.  They can show up whenever they wish, volunteer as they like, have fun with whomever they choose, and participate in special programs as much or as little as they want.  Senior centers typically attract the over fifty crowd and many regard the center as their sanctuary—a home away from home. 

Regardless of age, every person can play a significant role in helping to revive a culture of respect and honor for older people in our society.  It is a noble mission.  It is a worthwhile cause.  It is a personal commitment.  Join the author in imagining and planning for the kind of world we anticipate for our children and ourselves as we come of age.