Excerpts from the Book


Healthy Choices

Jazzercise classes attracted many more senior participants than any other activity at the center. The classes were always at capacity with several names on a wait list. This total-body conditioning program combines the art of jazz dance and the beat of popular music. There was no mistaking when Jazzercise was in session. The upbeat tempo of the music filled the large gym and bounced off its mirror-lined walls into nearby rooms. Even with the doors closed the sound could not be contained. Such, too, was the enthusiasm of the participants.

A peek inside the gymnasium revealed regularly practiced routines. It was clear that Jazzercise was not for the faint of heart. Some seemed tired, but none appeared to want to take a break. Their facial expression spelled determination and at the end of the session, one could easily assume the effort was worth it. Following each session, participants gathered in small groups to talk about their experience. It was as if they had just left the stage after a dazzling performance in front of an enthusiastic house.

Independence Day

Independence Day celebration was yet another opportunity to watch seniors at play. In a spirit of patriotism, they came to the center donned in their red, white and blue outfits. Some brought along miniature flags, which they waved periodically, while others wore flag lapel pins on their clothing. Not to be outdone were several members of staff who also dressed for the occasion. Even the towering columns that stood in the lobby were decorated with red, white and blue ribbons. The veterans among the senior population were especially proud and seemed to have a little pep in their steps on Independence Day.